Study Guide for the Second Exam, October 26, 2005

Here is a study guide for the second exam. Please note that when an entire section of a chapter is listed, with the section number, this indicates that you are responsible for the whole section. When a specific topic or question is listed (no section number), you are responsible for just that topic.

The exam will cover chapters 14 to 22.

Chapter 4: Radiation and Spectra

The material in chapter 4 is used heavily in the other chapters, especially chapter 16. These are the topics of relevance from chapter 4. I encourage you to review them.

Chapter 14: The Sun: A Garden-Variety Star

Chapter 15: The Sun: A Nuclear Powerhouse

Chapter 16: Analyzing Starlight

Chapter 17: The Stars: A Celestial Census

Chapter 18: Celestial Distances

Chapter 19: Between the Stars: Gas and Dust in Space

Chapter 20: The Birth of Stars and the Search for Planets Outside the Solar System

Chapter 21: Stars: From Adolescence to Old Age

Chapter 22: The Death of Stars

© Robert Harr 2005