Astronomy 2011

Astronomy Laboratory

Fall 2006

In this laboratory you will perform experiments that reinforce and expand on topics covered in the Astronomy lecture.

Instructor:Prof. Robert HarrOffice:341 Physics
Office Hours: 10:00 - 11:00 Mondays and Fridays, or by appointment
Web Page:
Lab Manual: Everyone is required to have their own copy of the WSU AStronomy Laboratory manual, available from the campus Barnes and Noble or Marwil bookstores.
Lab: Wednesday 10:40 - 12:30 in room 1
See the discussion in the introduction of the lab manual.
Grading: See the discussion in the introduction of the lab manual. Your grade is based on 10 lab reports: 8 of the labs are performed in class, and the remaining two must come from the two home exercises or the two evening viewing labs. If you turn in more than 10 labs, the 10 best grades will be used.
There are two labs which you perform on your own, Home Exercise 1 and Home Exercise 2. It is strongly recommended that do at least one of these, and start early, before the weather turns colder and viewing conditions deteriorate.
There are two labs involving telescope observations from the roof of the Physics Building. These must be done in the evening, after sunset, weather permitting. We will announce the schedule for these when known, and you should call the hotline number to check if a viewing will occur.
Date Experiment Notes
9/13 #1 Sky Maps
9/20 #3 The Telescope and its Uses required before evening viewings
9/27 #1 (cont'd) The Planetarium Evening viewings of the Moon begin 9/25
10/4 #2 Using "The Sky"
10/11 #5 Angles and Parallax
10/18 #7 Planetary Orbits
10/25 #8 The Spectroscope
11/1 #9 Observing the Sun
11/8 #10 Internet Astronomy
11/15 Make-up
11/22 No class
11/29 Open
12/6 Open

Robert Harr