Dynamics of particles and systems including central force motion, coupled oscillations and waves in elastic media. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 2180, MATHEMATICS 2030. This is a 3 credit course.

Instructor: Robert Harr Office: 341 Physics
Phone: 577-2677 E-mail
Office Hours:2-3 MWF, or by appointment
Textbook: Analytical Mechanics, fifth edition by Fowles and Cassiday, Saunders College Publishing, 1993.
Lectures:11:45-1:15 TTh, 177 Physics
Homework: Homework problems will be assigned each week. The problems will be collected and graded. They will generally be due at the start of lecture on Tuesday.
Exams: There will be one mid-term and a final exam. The midterm exam will be given during a lecture period (90 min.). Exams are closed book.
Midterm Thursday, Feb. 26, 1998 11:45a - 1:15p
Final Friday, May 1, 1998 10:40a-1:10p
Written Work: The skill of scientific writing is important. The problem sets, and exams present opportunities to practice this skill. Instead of just writing down formulas and numbers, try treating each problem as a mini-essay. Motivate the method of calculation and explain the variables. Write in complete sentences using proper grammar. Don't confuse good writing with verbose writing. Make your writing brief and to the point. Sometimes it is appropriate to write down only mathematical formulas. Other times, a clear, brief explanation is essential.
Homework 25%
Midterm 25%
Final Exam 50%
Policies: Late work is not accepted. The lowest score will be dropped for problem sets.


week of Chapter
Jan. 13 1 Fundamental Concepts
Jan. 20 2 Newtonian Mechanics
Jan. 27 3 Oscillations
Feb. 3 3 Oscillations
Feb. 10 4 General Motion of a Particle in Three Dimensions
Feb. 17 5 Non-inertial Reference Systems
Feb. 24 Review, Midterm on Feb. 26
Mar. 3 5 Non-inertial Reference Systems
Mar. 10 6 Gravitational and Central Forces
Mar. 17 Spring Recess, no class
Mar. 24 7 Dynamics of Systems of Particles
Mar. 31 8 Mechanics of Rigid Bodies
Apr. 7 8 Mechanics of Rigid Bodies
Apr. 14 9 Motion of Rigid Bodies in Three Dimensions
Apr. 21 10 Lagrangian Mechanics
Apr. 28 11 Dynamics of Oscillating Systems
May 1 Final Exam

Some additional references on mechanics:
Principia, I. Newton.
An Introduction to Mechanics, Kleppner, Kolenkow.
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, vol. I, Feynman, Leighton, Sands.
Mechanics, Symon.
Classical Dynamics in Particles and Systems, Marion, Thornton.
Mechanics, Landau.
Classical Mechanics, Goldstein.

Robert Harr