Physics 6991

Graduate Research Seminar

Fall 2014

Course syllabus.

This is the up-to-date schedule for PHY6991.

Sept. 8Robert HarrIntroduction to the graduate research seminar and particle physics with CMS.
Sept. 15Zhixian ZhouTwo-dimensional electronic materials beyond graphene.
Sept. 22Takeshi Sakamoto

Bunch of molecules → single molecule → ensemble of multiple molecules for studies of diabetes, deafness, cancer, and heart failure.

Sept. 29Rosie ChuNew Opportunities in Biophysics: Application of Neutron Scattering
Oct. 6Abbas NazriAdvanced Energy Storage Systems for Auto, Space and Marine Applications
Oct. 13Sean GavinThe quark--gluon plasma
Oct. 20Jian HuangStrongly correlated low-dimensional electron systems
Oct. 27Christopher KellySuper resolution optics reveal nanoscale membrane dynamics.
Nov. 3Gil PazHow Big is the Proton?
Nov. 10Abhijit MajumderNuclear Theory
Nov. 17Karur PadmanabhanUse of Nuclear Microprobe for Surface and Interface Analysis
Nov. 24Ashis MukhopadhyayResearch on Soft Matter: Opportunities & Challenges
Dec. 1Claude PruneauNuclear Experiment
Dec. 8Boris NadgornyThe challenges and opportunities in spintronics research

Robert Harr

July 30, 2014