Syllabus for Physics 7060

Elementary Particle Physics
Winter 2005

This course is a survey of elementary particle physics. We will cover relativisitic kinematics, the interactions of particles with matter, and the foundations of the Standard Model of particle physics. Some more advanced topics may be covered, according to time and interest.

Instructor: Prof. Robert Harr Office: 341 Physics
Phone: 577-2677 E-mail:
Office Hours: 10:00 - 12:00 W (on campus), and available many other times (send email or call ahead to confirm).
Web Page: Blackboard or
Textbook: Particle Physics by B.R. Martin and G. Shaw, second edition (1997): ISBN 0-471-97285-1 (paperback), 0-471-97252-5 (hardcover).
Lectures: MWF 1:55 -- 2:50, 177 Physics.

Homework is an essential part of this course. You will have regular homework assignments to be turned in for grading. You may work on the homework in groups, but each person must write up and turn in his own solutions. Identical written solutions (e.g. copying) will be considered a breach of student ethics by all parties involved. Written work must be legible or it will not be graded. Your solutions must included an explanation of the procedure used to solve the problem, usually a few sentences in the appropriate places is sufficient.


There will be a midterm and final exam.

Grading: Homework 70%
Midterm Exam 10% March 2
Final Exam 20% TBC
The grade scale is as follows:
  A 90 -- 100%
  B 80 -- 90%
  C 70 -- 80%
  E < 70%

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